Gunnison Valley Observatory

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FoxThe Gunnison Valley Observatory is located south of town and the airport.  Although there are houses in the area, wildlife is all around.  This fox has created a den in the berm surrounding the observatory.  He/She keeps an eye on things when no one is around.





2012 Young Astronomer Day Campers 

2012 Young Astronomer Day Campers

Lunar Learners

Chris Madison with Lunar Learners

4th Grade

Gunnison 4th Grade students at the Observatory on May 17, 2013

4th Grade Students solar telescope

4th Grade Students learning about solar telescope viewing from Bill Maier and Derek Brooks - May 17, 2013

4th Grade Student in Dome

4th Grade students learning about telescopes from Mike Brooks - May 17, 2013

M3 Globular Cluster

M3 Globular cluster - 10 second exposure. Really struggled with the focus on this one.

M51 the Whirlpool Galaxy

M51 - the Whirlpool Galaxy - 30 second exposure. Incredible structure in the spiral arms on this one!

M63 the Sunflower Galaxy

M63 - the Sunflower Galaxy - 30 second exposure. I hadn't seen this one before - it's beautiful!

M101 the Pinwheel Galaxy

M101 - the Pinwheel Galaxy - 35 second exposure. This one is big and faint; and very impressive when you get enough light to see the spiral structure.

Inside dome

View inside the telescope dome.

Night view of observatory

Night view of observatory.

Observatory at night

Courtesy of Adam Sherman

Observatory at night.